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Welcome to the Planning and Development Department of the Town of Greeneville! On our website you will find information regarding planning, zoning, development services, and long-range planning. We work closely with both the Building Department and Public Works Department, particularly in regard to stormwater management.

Our mission is to effectively combine sound professional planning principles, public involvement, and applicable standards in order to efficiently balance a spectrum of needs and interests while addressing the dynamics of growth in achieving integral development in Greeneville!

The Planning and Development Department:
  • Creates long-range plans for the physical growth of the Town;
  • Fosters the implementation of long-range plans;
  • Encourages public and private development projects;
  • Ensures that development projects conform to the regulations and standards set for safety, health, order, convenience, beauty and general welfare of the Town; and
  • Promotes the participation of the public in the planning and development of the Town.
Below you will find some key documents:

Departmental Updates


Greeneville Forward is the Town of Greeneville's Comprehensive Plan for the next twenty years. A comprehensive plan is a long-range plan that is used as a tool by the Town to guide physical growth and development as well as various social, economic, and environmental goals. Greeneville Forward is the culmination of almost two years of work from the community in creating a realistic vision for the future of Greeneville! The plan can be found below:

Recent Planning Commission Approvals:
April 9: Administrative approval of preliminary and final plat of the Property of Noah Lavern Long & Eugene L. Mullett, located at 1180 Old Stage Road, being Property Tax Map 88, Parcel 011.00 and within the Town's UGB.
April 9: Final site plan approval for Phase No. 3 -- Jost International Corporation Shipping & Storage Building Expansion, located at 5080 W Andrew Johnson Highway, being Property Tax Map 097, Parcel 004.09.
April 9: Preliminary site plan approval for 24 Hour Self Storage, located at 1370 W Andrew Johnson Highway, being Property Tax Map 098C, Group A, Parcel 008.05.
April 9: Approval of final site plan for Aspen Dental, located along E Andrew Johnson Highway, being Property Tax Map 088I, Group A, Parcel 026.01.
April 9: Approval of final site plan for Hardin Park Inclusive Playground, located along Crescent Street, being Property Tax Map 110C, Group B, Parcel 018.00.
May 14, 2019 Agenda:
Logan Engle
Planning Director

Phone: (423) 787-6199
Fax: (423) 639-0093
The deadline to submit all required Items for Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals is the 20th of the month proceeding that in which the submission item will be considered by the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals.