Town Adopts New Strategic Plan

The following is the 2021 Strategic Plan recently adopted by the Greeneville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


The Town of Greeneville: Always working to be the most desirable and dynamic small town in Tennessee; a thriving community in which to live, learn, work, and advance business.


The following goals were adopted by the Board. Following each, in parenthesis, are the number of “priority votes” each goal received. It should here be noted that there are only 10 goals, and thus all are important, even those which did not receive a “priority vote.”

1. Facilitate reasonably priced broadband throughout the community (7).

Goal completed when all customers in Greene County have access to broadband internet service; to be achieved by 2036.  Partner with the Greeneville Energy Authority to explore broadband deployment options

Develop business plan by January 2023

Assuming viability of business plan – apply for state/federal grants to fund build-out with goal of serving 10,000 customers by 2027

Develop long range business plan to serve all GEA customers by 2036

2. Have UT study the arrangement of the water and sewer utility (7).

Perform MTAS structure study of Greeneville Water Commission to determine most appropriate changes (if any) to deliver water and sewer services to customers

 Complete study by end of 2022

 Benchmark other similarly sized communities

Consider any structural changes to include changes to the Town’s charter by end of 2023 to take to State legislature during 2024 session 

3. Move to 4-year staggered terms of office (6).

Determine appropriate Town Charter changes by December 2022

Conduct community discussion on moving terms to a staggered 4 year term

Have MTAS conduct a study on removing wards in Town elections or developing an equitable 10 year re-districting process

Compile Charter changes to correspond with any Charter changes related to the Water Commission

4. Develop a “civics shadowing” program for youth (5).

This goal will be considered complete when a 10–12-member, active youth commission is in place. When they do an annual project, when members of the student council are engaged, when there are job-shadowing opportunities with Town employees, when they occasionally attend BMA meetings, when they hold regular gatherings, and when they piggy-back on the Youth Leadership Program.

The Board should create a different program to enhance Partnership efforts. They should also pass a proclamation to provide support and funding.

Hold an annual roundtable-style workshop between the BMA and the Youth Commission.

Give the Youth Commission an annual project and support its implementation if possible.

Jennifer and the Partnership, along with Cathy and the Town, should be the parties responsible for implementing this goal.

The target date for achieving this goal should be the 2022-2023 school year.

5. Finish the downtown re-development project (3). 

This goal will be completed when the downtown provides citizens with a place to be proud of. New infrastructure will be in place and will provide for growth. Shopping, dining, and residential will be the focus points of the development.

Expand revitalization to extended areas of the downtown.

Complete Phase 1 by 2023 and phase II within 3-8 years.

The persons responsible for this goal are the City Administrator, Atmos, the Partnership, Citizens, the GWC, GLP, and Town of Greeneville.

6. Connect better with our citizens (3).

Work to change inaccurate perceptions via social media and marketing.  This goal is to better communicate with and disseminate information to the citizens of Greeneville. Social media is useful for some demographics, but other modes of communication are just as vital. This includes our website, newspapers, radio, etc. Information must be interesting and useful, not “fluff.”

Develop a marketing and communication plan.

Put forth more positive but important news.

Use human interest stories.

Positive stories about the community.

Redesign our website (consider paid version).

Use social media responsibly and with specific plans.

The Media Relations Specialist should be responsible for coordinating this goal.

The summer of 2022 is the target date for accomplishing this goal. 

7. Improve our gateways (2). 

Highlight the entrances to our community, including the airport, downtown, city limits, our website, etc. This should include signage, “gates” that span the roads, etc. The object should be low maintenance, attractive, good lighting, economical murals, landscaping, flowers, water features, etc.

The Board must set a budget and fund it.

Establish a team to conduct the goals.

This goal may require establishment of an overlay zone of some type.

Do site visits in order to learn from others.

The Public Works and Public Relations Departments should oversee the goals.

Target date for achieving the goals is 2025.

8. Work together better (with businesses, the County, other agencies, etc.) (1).

We will know this goal has been completed when we work together to solve common problems, share success stories, share resources, increase efficiencies, etc.

To achieve this goal community leaders will need to meet monthly or quarterly, including agency heads as well.

The GCP President should be a key leader and facilitator of this goal. 

9. Export our wellness program to the community at large. 

This goal will be completed when the program is available to the broader community. 

Compile program data to tell stories of successes by July 2022

Improved lost workdays

Enhanced employee awareness of wellness

Lowered or avoided health insurance cost increases

Anecdotal stories of individual wellness improvements


Compile data into a presentation to deliver to businesses and community groups; begin delivering program by September 2022

Present to 50 Greeneville based businesses/groups by July 2023

Host Wellness forum in Greeneville touting wellness success stories within the region (seek grant funding or key partnerships with ETSU or Ballad to host forum) – Fall 2023

                       Market the program.

Use schools, civic organizations, employers.

Market data showing the results of the program.

Persons responsible for this goal are Town staff.

The goal is on-going. 

10. Study redistricting and/or moving to at-large elections.

Staff to work with MTAS to study at-large elections and potentially changing/removing wards.  To be completed by end of 2022


The following goals and objectives are meant to be passed on to the Greene County Partnership:

      1. Attract remote workers.

This goal will be achieved when we have the amenities to attract remote workers, including available broadband to support working at home.

We must continue amenity development including downtown, residential, and promotion of events, etc.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen should be responsible for this goal, along with Town administrative staff and the GCP.

The target date for achieving this goal should be 2024.


2. Continue business recruitment.

When this goal is completed, we will have a restocked inventory of buildings (which are what most investors want).  The County and Town, the Partnership, and the State must continue working together on current initiatives.

Must invest in continuous marketing.

Continue to work with the State for site development.

Work with the County on site development.

Those responsible for this goal should be a group consisting of a County representative, a Town representative, Jeff Taylor, and someone from the Chamber of Commerce.

The timeframe for accomplishing this goal should be “on-going.” 

3. Help small businesses.

A retail zone has been developed and used, an entrepreneurial space is used and lively, the area has been beautified, business education workshops are being held, and joint marketing is used and available.

The Board needs to pass the appropriate ordinances.

Hold workshops.

Plan events conducive to the workforce.

Begin a local façade grant.

Provide incentives for small businesses.

The Partnership and Main Street should be responsible for coordinating this goal.