Spotlight On Service

John Darnell just marked his 20th year as a Town employee. He started cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash and mowing as a maintenance employee for the Parks & Recreation Department. For the past 11 years, he has served as Maintenance Supervisor, managing 9 full-time and 2 part-time employees but also continuing to do those same first duties.

“I do whatever has to be done,” he said.

John and his employees maintain all Town buildings and parks facilities. If a toilet isn’t working, John is the person to call.

“I love my job most of the time,” he said with a grin.

John says he works with “a good group of guys.”

Their work often saves the town money because they have the skills to complete it in-house, instead of bidding it out to contractors.

He said the Town has been very good to its employees over the years, and he really appreciates it.

John came to work for the Town after the local Doehler-Jarvis plant shut down. He worked there 17 years as a tool and die maker.

When the factory closed, he saw an ad in the newspaper hiring for Parks & Recreation.

John is a family man. He loves spending time with his family, including his wife of 36 years, Myra, and his two grown children, Devyn and Kelsey.

I just so happens that Devyn works in our Fire Department, and John’s daughter-in-law, Kelsi, works in our Finance Department.

When he’s not at work, chances are John is working on his farm in Houston Valley, where he raises about 80 head of beef cattle.

He was raised in Camp Creek and attended South Greene High School, graduating in 1984. He enjoys attending his church, Solomon Lutheran, in the Cedar Creek community.

One of the favorite parts of his job is watching all the accomplishments made by Parks & Recreation over the years.

“I think we’ve accomplished a lot in the past 10 years,” he said.

Some recently highlights include the dog park, sports complex on Hal Henard Road, and splash pad, just to name a few.

“I like to look back at the accomplishments we’ve made,” he said. “I like to see stuff get done.”