Spotlight on Service: Lindsey Crosby

The team is composed of finance professionals who handle all money that comes in and goes out of the Town of Greeneville city government. Each person on the team has their own strengths, interests, and expertise. Barbara Stakiel completes payroll, Paula Chandler is responsible for accounts receivable, Kelsi Darnell works with accounts payable, and Kaci Lowe is an accountant who specializes in grants. The leader of the team is Lora Young, Finance Director and Town Recorder. Her major responsibilities include the budget for the Town of Greeneville, recorder for BMA and other meetings, and responding to open records requests. This office has so many important functions when it comes to Town business.

Today’s Spotlight on Service shines on one of these team members, Lindsey Crosby. She has worked for the Town of Greeneville for eight years and was promoted to Accountant in July 2021. She also holds the title of CMFO (Certified Municipal Finance Officer) that is offered through MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service).

One of Lindsey’s favorite things about working for the Town is the family-oriented environment. The finance team is very close, and she describes their leader, Lora, as a good listener who is personable and open to new ideas. Lindsey’s favorite part of job is the opportunity of daily problem solving. She enjoys the investigative aspect of reconciling a number and the good feeling of that discovery.

When asked about Lindsey, Lora remarked, “Lindsey is excellent at “thinking outside the box” in regard to challenges in our work processes and is diligently looking for ways to serve our citizens more efficiently. And, she has a great sense of humor, too!   

Before coming to work at the Town, Lindsey worked at BCS (Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, CPAs) for six years. For as long as she can remember, she has enjoyed working with numbers and says that “basic math just makes sense.” She prefers definite answers in black and white, not a theory in shades of gray.

Lindsey was born and raised in Greeneville, graduating from Greeneville High School. She completed an associate degree from Walters State Community College in Business and a Bachelor of Science in Business from East Tennessee State University. She is married to Daniel, and they have two boys, Grayson and Layton. Grayson plays baseball year-round and football in the fall. Layton is trying out basketball. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys trips to the beach at Edisto Island, South Carolina.

Make sure you say hello to Lindsey and the finance team next time you are at Town Hall!