Fall Leaf Collection

PLEASE NOTE that residents who bag their leaves will receive first priority on pickup. Citizens who wish to take advantage of this opportunity can call the Public Works Office at 423-638-6152 (option 6) or email [email protected] to schedule pickup. It is our intent that once notified, bagged leaves will be picked up the same or following business day. Once collected, citizens who desire bagged leaves to use as compost for gardens and other agricultural applications may contact the Department to make a request.
Brush and Limbs
Due to Public Works personnel being diverted to leaf collection, brush and limbs will be collected on a limited basis for the remainder of 2023. Reminder: If a tree-trimming company and/or hired individual trims your trees, they are responsible for the removal of the tree limbs. The Public Works Department will not pickup limbs that have been trimmed professionally. The disposal charge for removing the limbs should be included in the price charged for trimming the trees.