2023-2024 Greeneville Youth Commission

The Town of Greeneville Youth Commission is a body of local young people, enrolled in Greeneville High School as sophomores, juniors or seniors. Each member serves a one-year term with the option of reappointment.
The purpose of the commission is for youth to have a voice and make an impact in their community. This group of individuals will work toward developing their own individual leadership skills while strengthening their communities through volunteer service and increased communication with municipal leaders. Members selected have an interest in local government, a desire in making local government a career choice, and/or want to be more involved in the decision-making process.
1st row L to R: Hank Hope, Mary Brooks, London Morelock, Emma Waddell
2nd row L to R: Nevin West, Maggie Morelock, Alexis Bird, Braxton Dabbs
3rd row L to R: Erica Jones, Reagan Smith, Shilo Wang, Bria Trohon, Ariana Powell
4th row L to R: Bethanie Bryant, Zach Wallin, Sadie Rogers
Four students were absent due to school sports commitments. They were Drew Armbrister, Darla Kammerdiener, Riley Castro, and Ella Armstrong