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City Council
1. When does the City Council meet?

Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 4 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

Meetings can be canceled due to lack of business or special called meetings can be held if the need arises.

2. Where does the City Council meet?

G. Thomas Love Board Room at the Greeneville Energy Authority (formerly Greeneville Light & Power) building

At the corner of Church and College streets in Downtown

3. Who is my City Council Member?

1st Ward Council Members are Ginny Kidwell and Tim Ward. 2nd Ward Council Members are Scott Bullington and Tim Teague. 1st Ward represents residents who live north of Church Street. 2nd Ward represents residents who live south of Church Street.

4. Where do I register to vote in the next City Election?

Election Commission office, 311 CCU Blvd. Suite 1 Greeneville, TN 37745 (423) 798-1715 or (423) 798-1716
Building Department 
1. When do I need a building permit?

All work needs a permit, except flooring, cabinets, painting, and general maintenance issues.

2. How do I file a complaint about an unsafe building issue?

Go to Forms and Downloads section of the Building Department page, print the form and submit it to the Building Department.
Garbage Collection 

1. Does the Town offer curb side recycling?

No. We do offer drop-off recycling with bins for cardboard, mixed paper, and plastic. These bins are located at Greene Farmers Co-Op, the Greene County Partnership, Hal Henard Elementary School, EastView Recreation Center, and Tusculum City Hall.

2. Who do I contact to establish new residential or commercial garbage pickup?

A signed service agreement must be submitted to the Recorder's Office at Town Hall, 200 N. College St., (423) 639-7105 for commercial garbage pickup.
Residential garbage collection is free to Town residents. An approved receptacle is required and may be purchased at Town Hall or by telephone 423-639-7105. Purchase price is $100.00. Credit cards are accepted.

3. Who do I contact to purchase a residential garbage can?

They can be purchased at the Recorder's Office at Town Hall.

4. How do I find out what day my garbage is collected?

Call the Public Works Office (423) 638-6152 with your address, and they will tell you on what day your garbage is collected.

5. Who do I contact if my garbage pickup has been missed?

Call the Public Works office at (423) 638-6152.
Parks & Recreation (7 Questions)

1. How do I rent a pavilion at Hardin Park?

All pavilions at Hardin Park are rented by the hour. The hourly fee is $10 for City Resident and $15 for Non-Resident. You must pay the fee at the time of rental in the Recreation Office at EastView Recreation Center.

2. What is the swimming pool admission price?

$5.00 for Adults
$4.00 for Students
$3.00 Group Rate

3. What does a private pool party cost?

A two hour party for 30 swimmers or less is $125 for City Resident and $150 for Non-Resident.  Additional swimmers will be charged $2 each. Party hours are 6-8 p.m. at Hardin Park Pool. The rental fee must be paid in full at the time of booking at the Recreation Office.

4. When does youth baseball registration begin, and what are the ages?

Baseball registration begins the first full week in February. Participants must turn 5 before May 1 and may not turn 17 before May 1. First-time participants must present a birth certificate at the time of registration.

5. Is there a registration fee for baseball?

Yes, $20 per player for City Resident and $30 for Non-Resident, which must be paid at the time of registration

6. When does youth basketball registration begin and what are the ages?

Registration begins the first full week in October. Participants must turn 5 before September 1 and may not turn 19 before September 1. First time participants must provide a birth certificate.

7. Is there a registration fee for basketball?

Yes, $10 per player for City Resident and $20 for Non-Resident.
Property Taxes/Recorder's Office

1. What types of payments can be made at the Recorder's Office?

Property tax, business tax registration, beer privilege, beer wholesale tax, liquor privilege, liquor wholesale tax, in-lieu of tax payments, permits, rents/leases, commercial garbage collection, outside fire contracts, roll-off container rental and pull charges, landfill tipping, outside fuel, T-hangar rental, miscellaneous billing, garbage can, insurance

2. Can I use a credit/debit card to pay my property taxes?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with a 2.75 percent convenience fee.

3. Can I pay my property taxes over the phone?

Yes, by using the cards listed above with the same convenience fee. We do not accept payments by check over the phone.

4. Can I pay city and county property taxes at the same place?

No. City taxes may be paid in person at Town Hall, by mail, over the phone or online.

Town Hall is located at 200 N. College St. County taxes can be paid in person at the Courthouse Annex building, 204 N. Cutler St., by mail, or online.

5. Who do I make payments payable to?

Town of Greeneville
Roby Adult Center 

1. What are the operation hours for the Roby Adult Center?

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. How much are the Membership Dues?

$20 annually

3. What are the age requirements?

Age 50 & over to participate, age 60 to become a member