Billing & Collection

Recorder's Office Hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Residential & Commercial Waste Billing & Collection

Residential & Commerical Roll-off Rental, Landfill Disposal, & Commercial Garbage Collection require a Service Agreement, applicable fees apply. To set up service, contact and return completed Service Agreement to Town Hall, Recorder's Office 423-639-7105.

Residential garbage collection is free to Town residents. An approved receptacle is required and may be purchased at Town Hall or by telephone 423-639-7105. Purchase price is $ 100.00 Credit cards are accepted.
Limited Fire Protection Contracts Subscription Service - Title 7, Chapter 3, Section 7-307

Limited fire protection contract annual fee schedule

Residential – home only:    $150/yr for up to 1500 sq ft residence.  An additional $0.10/sq ft will be charged for that portion of a residence larger than 1500 sq ft.


Residential – accessory structure (barn, garage, etc.) larger than 200 sq ft :           assessed an additional $25/yr., plus $0.05/sq ft. for that portion over 200 sq ft.  


TN Property Assessment data square footage will be used to calculate contract amount.


All properties not considered residential (i.e. commercial, industrial, business, etc.) the annual fee shall be based on square footage of all structures on property under contract as follows:


*0-30,000 sq ft = $0.15/sq ft with a minimum annual charge of $300.  This category range would be $300 - $ 4,500/yr.

*30,001 - 150,000 sq ft = $4,500 flat rate plus $0.03 for each additional square foot above 30,001 square feet (range $4,500.03 - $8,100/yr.)

*150,001 sq ft - 500,000 sq ft = $10,000 flat rate

*500,001 sq ft - 750,000 sq ft = $12,500 flat rate

*750,001 sq ft and up = $15,000 flat rate


As a provision of the fire contract, each business agrees to allow the Greeneville Fire Department to conduct an annual fire inspection and comply with any violations noted during the inspection.