Licensing & Permits

                                                                                                 BEER PERMIT

Municipal Code Title 2 Alcoholic Beverages

Permit required for engaging in beer business. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, store for sale, distribute for sale, or manufacture beer without first making application to and obtaining a permit from the beer board. The application shall be made on such form as the board shall prescribe and/or furnish, and pursuant to T.C.A. 57-5-101 (b) and shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). Said fee shall be in the form of a cashier's check payable to the Town of Greeneville. Each applicant must be a person of good moral character and certify that he has read and is familiar with the provisions of the Municipal Code Title 2, Alcoholic Beverages.
Beer Privilege Tax comes from every person, firm, corporation, joint stock company, syndicate or association in the Town of Greeneville who stores, sells, distributes or manufactures beer. This is a $100 annual tax, due on or before January 1st of each year. Beer Wholesalers Tax is paid by the beer distributors, and equals 5% of total amounts sold to each retailer, and is paid to the Town monthly.
Business Tax Registration Application
State law requires that all businesses (with the exception of certain professions, manufacturers, and disabled persons) inside the Town of Greeneville have both City and State(county) business licenses.

The Tennessee Works Tax Act 2023
Standard Business License - (Annual Receipts over $100,000). Businesses must register with the Recorder's Office and pay a $15.00 registration fee. Business Tax returns are due and payable to the Tennessee Department of Revenue the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the business' fiscal year end.

Minimum Activity Business License - (Annual Receipts $3,000 to $ 99,999). Businesses must register with the Recorder's Office annually. $15.00 fee.


Business tax information supplied to the Town is confidential in accordance with state law. The Town cannot give this information to anyone other than the business owner or his/her authorized agent unless the records are under subpoena by a court.
Transient Vendor Business License
Transient Vendor Business License - "Transient Vendor" refers to any person who temporarily brings "new" merchandise into the town limits for the purpose of selling to the public. Transient vendors shall pay a tax of fifty dollars ($50.00 plus a $5.00 Peddler Application Fee) to the Town of Greeneville for each fourteen- day period in which they will be offering merchandise for sale to the public. As with the regular business license, a transient vendor's license is also required by the county, which can be obtained from the Greene County Clerk.

The same application that is used for the regular business license is also used for acquiring a transient vendor's license, and can be obtained from Town Hall, or downloaded from this site.
TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Municipal Code Title 2 Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Contact TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission. - Licensing information for retail establishments - Off Premise consumption.
  2. Submit written application for Certificate of Compliance to the Town of Greeneville, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 57-3-208.
  3. Pay $ 500.00 application fee.
  4. Appear in person at a City Council meeting.
  5. When approved you will receive a "Certificate of Compliance Retail Package Store".
  6. Renewal application for Certificate of Compliance should be submitted to the Mayor for approval.

The Town of Greeneville levies an annual Privilege Tax for the privilege of selling intoxicating liquors for consumption on premises, payable on or before October 1st. Tax amount is set by the Tennessee ABC based on type and seating capacity.
Parade Permit

Parade Permit is required for any club, organization, or similar group to hold any meeting, parade, demonstration, or exhibition on the public streets. A responsible representative shall secure a permit from the Recorder. Application.
$1,000,000 Liability Insurance Certificate naming the Town of Greeneville as Certificate Holder required for event.
Peddler Permit

A Peddler Permit is required for any peddler, canvasser, or solicitor, or transient merchant to ply his trade within the corporate limits. Application fee $5.00.
Additional requirement: $1,000 surety bond obligating the peddler to the Town, and if applicable, proof of Business License.
A Charitable Permit is required for solicitation of contributions or anything else of value for any real or alleged charitable purpose. Not applicable to locally established organizations for solicitations conducted exclusively among members.
 Annual Inspection of Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles
All mobile food preparation vehicles as defined in Section 319 of the International Fire Code 2018 edition shall be subject to an annual inspection by the Town of Greeneville for compliance with the Fire Code.
Taxi Cab Permit

All persons desiring to operate taxicabs within the Town of Greeneville, Tennessee are required to make application to the City Council for a permit.

The application for a permit shall be in WRITING and shall be filed in the office of the Recorder. See Section 5-403.

The term "taxicab" means any motor vehicle operating for the transportation of passengers for hire, serving or offering to serve the public, the principal operations of which are confined to the corporate limits of Greeneville.
Taxi Cab Driver
5-407. For any person to act as "driver" of a taxicab or to be in charge of any taxicab they must make application to the City Council for a "driver" permit.
Special Events

Special Events Serving Alcohol

A Special Event shall mean any public event that necessitates the closing of a public right of way within the limits of the Town of Greeneville. An Organizer must have a valid Special Event permit issued by the Town of Greeneville prior to organizing a Special Event. Any person, entity or organization desiring to organize a Special Event shall complete and submit an application to the City Council and if applicable the Town of Greeneville Beer Board.
Special Event Street Vendor Permit

A Street Vendor shall mean any person, entity, or organization that offers goods or services (including free goods and services) to the public within the confines of a Special Event. A Street Vendor must have a valid Street Vendor permit issued by the Town of Greeneville prior to participating in a Special Event. Any person, entity or organization desiring to offer goods or services to the public within the confines of a Special Event shall complete an submit an application for a Street Vendor permit together with the permit fee to the Organizer.
To request a Certificate of Compliance to sell retail food store wine in the Town of Greeneville, please submit "Background Check Release Form" to the Recorder's Office. After the Greeneville Police Department completes background check and the City Planner verifies zoning compliance, the certificate will be issued.