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Fire Hydrants

1. Why are fire hydrants all painted different colors?

The colors indicate the available gallons per minute each hydrant will flow.

2. Why do firefighters open hydrants up all over town?

To check the hydrants to make sure they are working properly.
Burning Permits 

1. How much does a residential burn permit cost?


2. What items can I burn?

Only brush produced on the property.

No painted items, vinyl siding, coated wires, tires, etc. are allowed to be burnt.

3. When do I need a burning permit?

Anytime someone is doing open burning inside the city?

4. Where do I get a burn permit?

Town Hall at 200 North College Street.
Fire Prevention

1. Can I get smoke detectors if I live in the county.

Yes; the volunteer departments also install smoke detectors.

All of the detectors are free of charge, whether in the city or county.

2. Does the Fire Department install smoke alarms?


The Fire Department installs smoke alarms within the corporate limits of Greeneville. Click here for more information.

3. What number do I call about getting a smoke alarm installed?


1. Was it really necessary to break the windows and put holes in the roof?

Yes; the department uses the roof to vent hot smoke, gases, and fire out to allow a safer work environment in the living quarters of a structure.

2. What kind of a shift do the firefighters work?

The firefighters work from 0645 till 7am the next day. They are then off for 48 hours.

The Chief, Assistant Chief, Administrative Chief, and the Fire Marshal works Monday through Friday from 8am till 5pm.

All personnel are likely to be recalled in the event of a large scale incident.

3. Why did the firefighters put holes in the walls and ceiling?

The department must ensure all parts of the fire have been extinguished.


1. When an emergency vehicle is approaching lights and siren what should I do?

Slow down and pull over to the right side.

By State law, you must yield the right of way to an approaching emergency vehicle of any kind.

2. Why does a fire truck respond to a medical call instead of taking an SUV?

The fire truck must always be available to respond to fire related emergencies.

Current staffing levels doesn't allow the crews to separate or staff an SUV to respond to just medical assignments.

3. Why does an emergency vehicle respond with lights and siren and then turn them off?

Sometimes units are cancelled enroute for various reasons.