Fire » Prevention


The Greeneville Fire Department is dedicated to providing high quality fire prevention programs for the citizens of Greeneville. Under the direction of the Fire Marshal and Public Education Committee these programs are developed and implemented by Greeneville Fire Department members.
  • Walk-thru evaluation Fire Department Personnel will come to your facility and do a walk thru to answer any questions or concerns about fire safety.
  • Pre-Incident Planning Fire Department Personnel will evaluate fire protection systems, building construction, contents and operating procedures that can impact emergency operations. A pre-incident plan is one of the most valuable tools available for aiding responding personnel in an emergency situation.
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness Fire Personnel will assist in evaluating emergency evacuation drills and occupant assembly points.)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training The Fire Department will conduct hands on training utilizing a fire extinguisher simulator. The simulator eliminates the hazard of live fire training and cost of re-charging of fire extinguishers. There is no cost to the business for this service.
Community Programs
  • Smoke Alarm Program The Greeneville Fire Department, upon request will come to your home inside the city and evaluate your smoke alarms. The department will install smoke alarms according to local codes. There is no charge at this time for the alarms.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training This training is available upon request by civic organizations. The Fire Department will conduct hands on training utilizing a fire extinguisher simulator. The simulator eliminates the need for live fire training.
  • Public Education Events The Fire Department also attends community events such as the Iris Festival, Parenting Fair, Notre Dame Fall Festival, Tusculum College Festival, etc. These events provide opportunities to present fire and home safety information to the public. The Fire Department utilizes a public education display booth which provides a vast variety of information.
  • Car Seat Installation Program Citizens can stop by our booth or one of our four fire stations to have Fire Department Members ensure their car seats are properly installed.
Elementary School Programs
  • Safe at Home This program is an interactive fire safety presentation developed by the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office and is delivered by Greeneville Firefighters annually to Pre-K, K, 1st and 4th grades.
  • Fire Safety House The fire safety house is brought in the next day to allow students to get hands on experience in identifying fire hazards and how to initiate an escape plan.
  • Risk Watch Program This program is delivered in May, to 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades, just prior to students getting out for summer break. This program covers a variety of topics to help kids stay safe over the summer. Topics covered are: Water Safety, Bicycle/Skate Board Safety, Poison Prevention, Home Alone Precautions and Fire and Burn Prevention.
  • Fire Engine Tour The fire engine is brought in for kids to learn more about fire fighters and their equipment. This also is a fun time students can ask questions and develop a bond with firefighters.