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Fire Stations

The Greeneville Fire Department responds from four strategically located stations around the city. The stations house a crew of three firefighters responding out to answer a variety of emergency and non-emergency incidents.

The stations also house support equipment such as hazardous materials apparatus and reserve fire engines. These units are not staffed on a daily basis but are placed into service as needed.
Fire Station #1
710 West Summer Street

Greeneville, TN 37743


423-638-2469 fax
Fire Station #2
501 Asheville Hwy

Greeneville, TN 37743


423638-1062 (fax)
Fire Station #3
1325 East Andrew Johnson Highway

Greeneville, TN 37745


423-639-8421 fax
Fire Station #4
623 Mt. Bethel Road

Greeneville, TN 37745


423-638-4082 fax