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Response Zones

Specific Response

Each fire station in Greeneville has an established response order that the 911 center dispatches by. The Greeneville Fire Department response order will determine the specific fire engine response of unit(s) to incidents in the Town and surrounding areas. If the “1st due” engine to a specific area is on an emergency response, the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th due engine would be dispatched according to the next closest available company.

Response Time

One of the primary benchmarks for determining quality and efficiency in service delivery is response time. Response time, which starts when the Fire Department is notified by 9-1-1 and ends with arrival on the emergency scene, consists of reaction time (the time between notification and response) and travel time (the time between response and arrival). The Greeneville Fire Department strives to meet the following response time goals:

A reaction time of one (1) minute or less for any incident.

A response time of four (4) minutes or less for the first arriving unit for any emergency incident.
Engine-1 Response Area
Engine-2 Response Area
Engine-3 Response Area
Engine-4 Response Area