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Development Services

The Town of Greeneville takes interest in your development initiative to make it successful and thriving. The Planning and Development Department intersects community needs and developers' interests. It is here to help you go through the process of starting, getting approvals, and realizing your development project. We will assist you in getting everything done smoothly.

What We Do for Developers and Investors

We are as eager as developers to create a built environment that they can be proud of. Working together with staff in other city's departments and public and private entities, we:
  • Provide combined expertise in planning, zoning, permitting, building codes, constructions and inspections
  • Suggest alternatives to help you reduce cost and meet requirements
  • Help you understand necessary steps
  • Provide clear and accurate information on what you need to realize any project
  • Bring you into contact with utility and public services engineers and leaders to assist in designing and realizing your development project
  • Arrange for you to meet with persons and entities that may have a stake in what you want to do so that you get everything right from the beginning
  • Provide policies, guidelines and data
  • Provide information on the right approval procedures
  • Give you information on timeframe for different processes
  • Put required forms at your reach
  • Provide you with required contents of plats and plans
  • Ensure consistency over the short and long haul
  • Provide detail review and feedback at each stage, ensuring that the reactions of other agencies or departments involved are handled in a timely manner so as to avoid disapproval, waste of time and loss of your money.
  • Let you know application and processing cost
  • Accelerate approvals for you
  • Present your project to the Planning Commission as may be necessary
We will keep in touch with you, be available when you need us, and help you accomplish it!!
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