Development Review Committee

In Greeneville, the municipal departments that provide development services are very interconnected. For example, the Building, Planning and City Engineering departments share a common database and computer software system for permit tracking, inspection tracking, and review payments services. Together with the fire marshall and environmentalist, they are also located on the second floor of the Town Hall building in Downtown Greeneville– thus enhancing the ‘one-stop shop’ for permits, information, etc. Other entities that are highly involved in the development process such as the Greeneville Light and Power Systems and the Greeneville Water Commission are also strategically located in Downtown Greeneville very close to each other.

These departments and entities are members of the Greeneville Development Review Committee that meets on the 25th of each month at 9:30am at the Conference Room of the Town Hall to review proposed development projects and provide vital information to developers so as to facilitate the realization of projects. In this way, developers do not receive conflicting and at times confusing information that can be costly in the development process; developers "know and have it all at ones" in Greeneville.

The links below lead to the various Greeneville departments and entities involved in development.


The Building Department is the Code Department of the Town. The department administers the building code and related codes, enforces the zoning and sign ordinances, reviews building plans, and makes construction inspections to ensure compliance with applicable codes.

Bert Seay, Building Official, [email protected] 423.787.6181


The Planning Department reviews proposed property zone changes, subdivision applications, site plans, requests for variances, dedication and vacating of right-of-ways, and annexation requests. It works with local communities to plan sustainable development in Greeneville, and with developers under a "one-stop-shop" policy to meet their needs in the development process. Staff in this department also present the proposals or projects of developers to the Planning Commission for consideration. The department provides education in stormwater issues, and assists developers with information on seminars, conferences, etc that provide training and knowledge in stormwater management facilities design, etc.

Randy Davenport, Planning Director, [email protected] 423.787.6199

The Fire Department participates in the development process by enforcing the Fire Code in building constructions. The department also provides CPR training and a number of services free of charge to developers, such as smoke alarm installation, public fire education, fire inspections, code enforcement, fire cause determination and investigation, special event stand-by, pre-incident and preparedness planning, and fire extinguisher training.


David Weems, Fire Marshal, [email protected], 423.787.6183

Water & Sewer
The Greeneville Water Commission provides water and sewer services in the municipality. It ensures a safe and adequate water supply, and oversees septic and sewage disposal systems provision, maintenance, etc. This Department has connected water and sewer services to many vacant "ready and available" lots for development. Both the engineer at the Water Commission and the City Planner maintain maps of sewer and water lines availability in thousands of lots in Greeneville.

Eric Frye, Assistant Superintendent and Engineer, [email protected] (423) 638-3148
Public Works & City Engineering

The Public Works Department regulates and maintains much of Greeneville's infrastructure, including streets, traffic signals and signage, roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and parking. Public Works also operates the City's trash collection and curbside recycling program. City Engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) functions are also performed by this department. Consequently, the City Engineer handles issues related to stormwater managment plan and calculations in applicable developments.

William Barner, Public Works Director, [email protected] (423) 638-6152
Greeneville Light and Power Systems

The Greeneville Light and Power Systems (GL&PS) is the local electric-power utility for customers in the city limits, in the urban growth boundary, and Greene County as a whole. The GL&PS page provides specific information on applications, procedures, and design standards. It is always ready to provide electricity services to your development.

Stacy Bolton, Director of Engineering (423) 636-6200