Ordinances & Regulations

Zoning Ordinance
The Zoning Ordinance of Greeneville is applicable within the Town's corporate limits. Property outside the city limits, but located within the Town's Urban Growth Boundary, is subject to the zoning ordinance of Greene County.
The Town of Greeneville Subdivision Regulations regulate the division and redivision of land, acceptable Town street construction standards, and platting and replatting. They apply to land both within the Town's corporate limits and the Town's Urban Growth Boundary. The Subdivision Regulations and the revised certifications that must be on subdivision plats can be accessed above. Adopted "As-Built" plan requirements can likewise be accessed above.
Floodplain Ordinance

The Town's Floodplain Ordinance regulates development in the floodplain and it is enforced in conjunction with other applicable FEMA Regulations. Access the Greeneville Municipal Floodplain Ordinance below.
Building Codes Adopted by the Town of Greeneville


Site Design Guidelines/Standards

Site design standards enhance the quality of urban design and development in Greeneville by providing guidelines that create places that are pleasing. The standards are intended to create sites that consider natural factors such as topography, are human in scale, enhance a memorable sense of place, foster clear pedestrian and vehicular pathways within and between developments, provide transitions between adjacent properties, reduce the impact of parking, plan for different transportation systems and network, and provide open space in a community that values work and relaxation. Greeneville is currenty preparing a more elaborate site design standards manual. A design guideline currently enforced under Sections 410.2.4.3. and 410.2.4.4. of the Zoning Ordinance can be accessed here.
Sign Ordinance

The sign ordinance is at the service of an orderly, safe, and beautiful to behold Greeneville. It is very useful in transportation planning because it protects the safety of thoroughfares, and in economic planning and development because it improves the appearance of business areas and renders them more appealing to consumers. Essentially, the ordinance regulates the size, placement, number, and type of signs at any location in the Town. The sign ordinance can be viewed here.
Stormwater Ordinance

Greeneville is an EPA Phase II Stormwater community. The stormwater ordinance regulates stormwater management in development projects and is applicable in the review of site plans. You can access the stormwater ordinance here.

Policy and Procedure on Vacating Alley Right-of-Way

There are many alleys in Greeneville that property owners want the Town to close. This is the Town's policy and procedure on vacating alley right-of-ways. This policy and procedure became effective on November 11, 2014. It can be accessed here.
Rules and Procedures of the Greeneville Regional Planning Commission

Tennessee State Law, T.C.A. 13-3-103 requires the Planning Commission to adopt rules for its transaction of business, including, but not limited to, the selection of its officers, the findings of fact, statements of material evidence and reasons for its actions as part of each motion and the keeping of a record of its resoulitions, transactions, motions, actions, and determinations which shall be a public record. The Rules and Procedures of the Greeneville Regional Planning Commission can be accessed here.
Tennessee Rules and Regulations

Access the effective rules and regulations of the State of Tennessee here. Some of the rules and regulations deal with Land Surveying, Housing Development, Transportation, Landscape Architecture and Community Economic Development.
Tennessee Code Annotated

Find here the annotated Tennessee primary law.