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I Want To...

Developers and many citizens are engaged daily in different major and minor development works. You may want to
  • Subdivide existing parcels into two or more lots with improvements such as streets and utilities already in place or not involved (Minor Subdivision)
  • Subdivide tracts of land into two or more lots involving new improvements such as streets and utilities (Major or Standard Subdivision)plans so that you can start construction (Site Plan Approval)Receive review and approval of concept, preliminary and final site development
  • Plan and develop large areas as a single entity, sometimes over a number of years, with design flexibility that embraces mix land uses, different housing types and densities (Planned Unit Development - PUD)
  • Change the current zoning district of your property (Rezoning)
  • Construct a group of commercial establishments that is planned, developed, owned and managed as a unit, with off-street parking provided on the property (Shopping Center)
  • Start mobile home developments and/or make additions to existing ones (Mobile Home Park)
  • Cause the Town of Greeneville to extend its city limits to include your property in the Town's urban growth boundary so that you can enjoy the low cost of living and high standard of living in the city (Annexation)
  • Request the Town to vacate a right-of-way such as that associated with an alley (Vacating of Right-of-Way)
  • Change a way from a private access road to a public street (Street Dedication)
  • Appeal an alleged error committed by the building official or any administrative officer in the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance or code
  • Receive special review that will permit you to use your property in ways that although not ordinarily permitted by the Zoning Ordinance, there are special conditions in the ordinance that will allow the use (Special Exception, Use on Review or Conditional Use)
  • Relax the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance due to extraordinary physical features of your property that cause undue hardship (Variance)
The Planning and Development Department handles all these issues. It collects the necessary data or information, analyses it, and makes a recommendation to either the Planning Commission or the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) depending on the request. The last three items in the above list are handled by the BZA. The Commission or the Board makes the decision.