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Comprehensive Plan Revision

Key Reasons for the Update
  • Bring the Plan and related development regulations up to date with changes in the community and requirements of State Law;
  • Include the planning of the urban growth area in the Comprehensive Plan
  • Prepare for future changes in land use, transportation, extention of utilities, higher education opportunities, employment and population growth;
  • Consider public comments from Town visioning efforts;
  • Carry the plan into greater details by expanding on elements such as Downtown revitalization, neighborhood reinvestment, historic buildings and tourism that remain important in defining the character of Greeneville
  • Incorporate Smart Growth Principles and other planning concepts; and
  • Incoporate, reflect and expand the Town's goals developed in 2012 under Vision 2020.
The General Elements apply city-wide and address key topics as land use, housing, transportation, utilities, and natural environment. The Plan Element chapters consist of goals that describe the desired end that the community is trying to attain and the policies that are principles to reflect the City’s intent.
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Public Government
Land Use
Education & Jobs Training
Health and Environment
Economic Development
Downtown Revitalization