Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals

The Greeneville Regional Planning Commission has nine members. The same members also serve as the Town of Greeneville's Board of Zoning Appeals.
Find the latest agenda of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals here.

Planning Commission

The Regional Planning Commission adopts a general plan, special plans, guidelines, and policies for the physical development of Greeneville. It is charged with approving, approving with conditions, or disapproving subdivision and site plans requests. The Commission also adopts and revises the Subdivision Regulations. Its meetings are open to the public. The Commission receives a recommendation from its staff, listens to the public, holds further discussions among its members, then makes a decision by majority vote. The Planning Commission operates in an advisory role to the Board of Mayor and Alderman by making recommendations on dedication and vacating of right-of-ways and on zoning change requests. Other duties include recommending changes, as needed, to the text of the zoning ordinance, preparing the Site Design Guidelines and employing a professional planner to direct the Planning Department and carry out the work program of the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission meets for its regular meetings on the second Tuesday of eacg month at 9:30am in the G. Thomas Love Boardroom at the Greeneville Light and Power Systems; 110 N College St. Greeneville, TN 37743. The members reconvene as the Board of Zoning Appeals immediately after the Commission's meeting at the same venue. The meeting dates and deadlines can be found here.
Greeneville Regional Planning Commission
Alderman Jeff Taylor - Chairman
Bob King - Vice-Chair
Charles Hutchins - Secretary
Mayor W.T. Daniels
Ben Brooks
Andy Broyles
Paul McAfee
Dr. Anita Ricker
Lindy Riley
Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) performs administrative reviews, considers requests for special exceptions or conditional uses, and hears variance requests. When performing an administrative review, the BZA hears and decides appeals where it is alleged by an individual that there has been an error made by an administrative official in enforcing the Zoning Ordinance. When considering a special exception request, the BZA bases its decision on an explicit provision in the ordinance that under conditions of the request, the applicant should be granted the special exception. The BZA also hears and decides applications for a variance in order to be relieved from a specific requirement of the Zoning Ordinance. If a variance is to be granted, the following three standards must be established: there must be an extraordinary or exceptional situation or condition pertaining strictly to the property considered; strict application of the Ordinance would result in practical difficulties to, or undue hardship upon, the owner of the property; and the relief may be granted without substantial detriment to the public good and without substantially impairing the intent and purpose of the Zoning Ordinance.

The BZA meets for its regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month immediately after the Planning Commission's meeting (which meets at 9:30am) in the G. Thomas Love Boardroom at the Greeneville Light and Power Systems; 110 N College St. Greeneville, TN 37743.

Phone: (423) 787-6199
Fax: (423) 639-0093