Greeneville - The Place for Business

The Town of Greeneville is a committed partner at every step of your business. As part of this dedication to service, we offer programs, incentives and other direct assistance services to businesses of all sizes to help them move, start, and grow in Greeneville. For assistance and support, please contact our specialized offices.




(business licenses, permits and tax information)

Carol Susong

(423) 787-6187


Recorder's/Finance Clerk

(business licenses and permits information)

Paula Chandler

(423) 787-6185


City Planning

(zoning verification letters, property zoning and rezoning, site plans review and approval, subdivisions review and approval, Floodplain Management, Comprehensive, Land Use, Transportation and Neighborhood Planning, etc) 

Logan Engle

(423) 639-7105


Building Official

(building codes, building permits, etc)

Bert Seay

(423) 787-6182


Engineering and Public Works

(streets, garbage collection, stormwater management designs, driveways, etc)

Brad Peters, PE

(423) 787-6382