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Let your business take advantage of our diverse, dynamic, and expanding economy. Moving your business to Greeneville can be the smartest decision your company makes.

We will assist you to find public land for sale and lease and available private business spaces for lease and sale.

We also provide appropriate zoning opportunities to accomodate your business.

Greeneville has valuable business incentives and exemptions that will make your business triumph when you relocate within our boundaries.

Locate Greeneville

Find Business Relocation Site & Building 

Take Advantage of Business Demographics and Workforce

Utilities at Your Service


Relocation Team Assistance Services

Before relocating, you can contact us and a team of community leaders will be assembled to:

  • Assist in identifying buildings and land 
  • Assist with short-term and long-term housing for transferring families
  • Assist with spouse employment
  • Provide windshield tours of the community
  • Host private receptions and luncheons for new families to meet community leaders and selected others
  • Assist company with locating new suppliers and vendors
  • Serve as a liaison to all pubic organizations, i.e. sewer and water department, zoning and planning offices
  • Assist company in obtaining all state and local permits




Get assistance with your business relocation or expansion needs.

Matt Garland, President & CEO of Greene County Partnership
(423) 638-4111
[email protected]

Dana Wilds, Business Development Specialist
(423) 638-4111
[email protected]

Logan Engle, Greeneville City Planner
(423) 639-7105
[email protected]