Non-Emergency Calls: 423-639-7111
(Pictures of three Greeneville Police units and three officers. A white Ford Taurus with blue lettering  and Two white Ford Explorer with blue lettering.Greeneville, Tennessee is in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in upper-east Tennessee. It is a small but forward thinking community of about 15,000. Greeneville and surrounding Greene County is firm in tradition of faith, aware of its heritage, and protective of its abundant natural beauty. Greeneville is committed to a high quality of life to its citizens and to providing high quality education to our children.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

The Mission of the Greeneville Police Department is to protect you, your family and our community.

The Greeneville Police Department consists of 54 sworn full-time officers and approximately 30 auxiliary police officers. The Greeneville Police Department strives to protect and serve the citizens in our community, to protect and uphold the United States Constitution, and to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Thank you for visiting our web site!

The Vision of the Greeneville Police Department is to be a group of Officers that strives to prevent the next Crime.