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Most Wanted

Greeneville Police Department
Wanted for Arrest
Criminal Investigative Division
The Following individuals are wanted for Arrest by the Greeneville Police Department. Warrants are on file at the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

If you have information about any of these individuals, DO NOT attempt to apprehend them by yourself. Contact the Greeneville Police Department at 423-639-7111 or the Greene County Sheriff's office at 423-798-1800
Last Name First Name Race/Sex Year Of Birth Charges
Noel Melissa W/F 1987 FTA on Aggravated Burglary  
Taylor Kevin B/M 1967 Theft
Smith Billicmisha B/F 1987 Theft over 1000 less than 10,000
Banks Larry  W/M 1988 Theft Under 500
Willett Kimberly W/M 1976 Forgery (Parties to the Offense)
Flevaris George W/M 1979 Theft of Property
Houser Warren W/M 1962
Felony Worthless Checks