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Recycling (2 Questions)

1. Does the Town offer curb side recycling?


The Town has explored the possibility of providing curb side recycling service to it's residents but studies have shown it to be too costly at this time.

2. Does the Town offer drop-off recycling?

Yes. The Town has bins for cardboard, mixed paper (newspaper, magazines, copy paper, etc.), and plastic (no. 1 and no. 2). These bins are locared at Greene Farmers Co-Op on the Newport Highway, the Greene County Partnership, Hal Henard Elementary School, the Eastview Recreation Center, Big Lots (11-E Bypass), and Tusculum Town Hall (cardboard and paper only).

Click here for a map of the recycling center locations.
Solid Waste (7 Questions)

1. Who do I contact to establish new residential or commercial garbage pickup?

A signed service agreement must be submitted to the Recorder's Office at Greeneville Town Hall, located at 200 N. College Street for commercial garbage accounts. You may contact the Recorder's Office at (423) 639-7105. For reseidential services, you will only need an approved garbage can. 

2. Who do I contact to purchase a residential garbage can?

Residential garbage cans may be purchased at the Recorder's Office at Greeneville Town Hall, 200 N. College St. The cost is $100.

3. Who do I contact if my garbage has been missed?

Call the Public Works office at (423) 638-6152.

4. When can I set out tree limbs and brush for collection?

Tree limbs and brush are collected year-round and can be set out at any time. They must be placed at the curb with your household garbage. Limbs shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight or 6 feet in length. Any limb 4 inches in diameter must be cut into 2-foot lengths. Limbs shall be stacked with cut ends facing the street, not criss-crossed, and placed in piles no bigger than 3 feet high and 10 feet long. (The Public Works Division will not pick up tree limbs or brush created by a contractor as the result of a fee paid tree-trimming or brush-removal job.)

5. If I set out carpet will the Sanitation people take it?

The Sanitation Division does not collect carpet and demolition wood debris on a routine basis. Call Public Works at 423-638-6152 to arrange for a roll-off trash container for the disposal of carpet and demolition wood debris.

6. Where do I place my garbage can for pickup?

Garbage cans should be placed at the edge of your property near (but not in) the street.

7. How do I find out what day my garbage is collected?

Call the Public Works Office at (423) 638-6152 with your address and they will tell you on what day your garbage is collected.
Stormwater (3 Questions)

1. What if water from my neighbor's property is causing damage to mine?

Storm water drainage in Tennessee is governed by the natural flow rule. Under the natural flow rule, the lower property owner is required to accept the water that would naturally flow from the upper landowner; he is not liable for any damages that arises from that natural flow. [Slatten v. Mitchell, 124 S.W.2d 310 (1938); Dixon v. Nashville, 203 S.W.2d 178 (1976); Miller v. City of Brentwood, 548 S.W.2d 878 (1977); Butts v. City of South Fulton, 565 S.W.2d 879 (Tenn. App. 1978); Yates v. Metropolitan Gov., Nashville & Davidson County, 451 S.W.2d 437 (1969).]

2. Who do I contact regarding a stormwater issue?

It depends. If the issue is related to a clogged storm drain, a clogged tile, or a ditch that needs to be cleaned out contact the Public Works Office at (423) 638-6152. If the issue is more complicated in nature contact the Public Works Director at (423) 638-6152. The Town also maintains a Stormwater Hotline at (423) 823-4013.

3. Will the Public Works Department perform work on my property to correct a stormwater issue?

No. The policy of the Public Works Department is to only perform work in a public right-of-way or easement.
Street Lights & Traffic Lights (2 Questions)

1. A streetlight is out or not working properly, who do I call to get it repaired?

Greeneville Light and Power repairs and maintains all town streetlights. They can be contacted at their Service Center at (423) 636-6202.

2. A traffic signal is out or not working properly, whom do I call for it to be repaired?

Call the Police Department at (423) 639-7111, then Public Works will do the repair.
Street Maintenance (6 Questions)

1. How do I know if the street I live on is a City Street or a State Highway?

State Highways are denoted by a State Route number (i.e. Summer Street is S.R. 350). The State Highways inside the City limits are Andrew Johnson Highway, Summer Street, McKee Street, Main Street, Baileyton Road, Newport Highway, Kingsport Highway, Asheville Highway, Rogersville Road, and Tusculum Blvd.

2. How do I know where my property ends and the City/State Right-of-Way begins?

By law, the only sure way to know is by the presence of a survey marker such as an iron pin or rod. However, as a rule of thumb, the telephone/power poles are typically placed on the R.O.W. line and serve as a good indicator.

3. Who do I contact to report a pothole?

The Public Works Department at (423) 638-6152.

4. Who do I contact to report a damaged or missing street sign?

Call the Public Works Department at (423) 638-6152.

5. What do I do if a tree limb has fallen into the street?

During business hours (Mon. - Thurs. 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) call the Public Works Office at (423) 638-6152, after hours or weekends call the Police Department at (423) 639-7111.

6. There is a dead tree limb or tree in the town's right-of-way. What can I do about it?

Call the Public Works office at (423) 638-6152 and they will investigate.